Betel Nut Trees in Taiwan

Betel nut tree plantation growing on the slope of the mountain behind the wooden house. There are also known as areca palm.

This photo was taken on a trip for tea drinking session in Alishan Mountain.

How to count the age of betel nut tree in Taiwan? As in how old it has been growing.

There is a way to estimate the number of growth years for betel nut tree.

Each betel nut tree has trunk slim and thin that there grow almost vertically straight up along the gradient of the mountain.

The trunk of oil palm tree is much thicker and looks like a fan-shaped tree spreading out its fronds. Continue reading “Betel Nut Trees in Taiwan”

Yu Le Izakaya Restaurant Offers Homegrown Freshness of Japanese Food

Yu Le Izakaya (宇樂居酒屋) is a Japanese restaurant located right in a small lane no more than 180 meters from the popular tourist spot, Chikhan Tower.

The restaurant is a short distant from the main street, however, it is not hidden deep in the labyrinth of dimly lighted narrow alleys.

Finding the restaurant is not that difficult. A litter exploring is worth your time when you are traveling in old Tainan City.

The bar and grilled restaurant offers a myriad choices of homegrown freshness Japanese food. There have English-Friendly food menu available but the list changes seasonally.

Any dishes not shown in the menu certainly adds a variety to your dinning table. And, that is based on chef’s recommendations who serves with great pleasure to delight customers.

You gotta ask the great chef or the friendly waitress. I’ve to agree that is truly how out-of-the-menu dinning experience starts.

What we ordered from the restaurant?  Continue reading “Yu Le Izakaya Restaurant Offers Homegrown Freshness of Japanese Food”

Visiting Friends Restaurant in Liuying District for a Refreshing Fruit Dessert

When traveling to Liuying Dsitrict, do visit Friends Restaurant (荷冰友) for a refreshing fruit dessert and delicious milk hotpot for lunch.

It is also an ideal stopover to relax after a long drive in the afternoon.

The interior is well furnished with comfortable dining chairs, tables and checkered floor tiles. It has open concept kitchen at the center of dinning hall.

The lighting is warm white, making it looks relaxing and comfortable. It is the only air-conditioned restaurant within the precinct I could take note of.

There is no hassle when ordering food. The restaurant staff is efficient and friendly. If you don’t read Chinese, Friends Restaurant has English-friendly food menu too. Continue reading “Visiting Friends Restaurant in Liuying District for a Refreshing Fruit Dessert”