Shuang Hsi Fabric Studio for Double Happiness

Last updated on February 2nd, 2015 at 09:26 pm

A slow walk along Sec 3, Min Zu Road (民族路三段), I came across this particular shop with storefront in East Asian’s traditional style design. The shop was established since 1998 and has named as Shuang Hsi Fabric Studio (雙囍織品工房).

More eye-catching is at the main entrance, two huge symbolic words in red color are displayed. Interestingly, both are identical and symmetrical.

There are read as 雙喜 (romanticized: Shuang Hsi) or translate as “Double Happiness“.

These Chinese character often used as ornamental symbol for love marriages or traditional Chinese wedding ceremony.

Though, the two ornamental words, each seem to look like one character with intriguing symmetrical strokes, are commonly read with two syllabus.

It is a unique character, pronounced as Shuang Hsi, has been regarded as the highest most auspicious word in all occasion of Chinese customary marriages.

And, another significance of being ornamental is that it has mirror image of the other half of ‘single’ happiness, thus, coupling them to make twice of inseparable ‘oneness’. So it the term derived as “Double Happiness”.

Below sharing some photos of the shop, square cushion with Shuang Hsi print and specially designed cloth wrapper with phoenix.