A-Bee Bee Farm Since 1962, Gueiren District, Tainan City

On my trip to A-Bee Bee Farm (安蜂養蜂場) in Gueiren District, Tainan city,  was a good deal of knowledge learning about bee farming, harvesting raw honey and honey production as health food, including royal jelly.

The range of product goes from 100% pure honey harvested in different type of flowers. The harvest of honey comes from avocado, longan, lychee and various flowers. The gift pack is ideal for friends or family.

One of the key staff I spoke to was able to speak English language fluently, so is the description available in English on its product label. Their product menu is English-friendly and I was not having much difficulty in commuication that day.

I was asked to taste the royal jelly and this is what I experienced.

Royal jelly is a nutritious food with several of the essential amino acids. Color is pale yellow but not visibly transparent. The viscosity is thicker than honey with water content making up about 65% of the food product.

The taste, I would say is awfully unpalatable with a hint of acidic sourness and slightly spicy that doesn’t cause an alarm. Neither it is as pungent as the garlic nor tasted like fermented milk.

Don’t get me wrong with that bad taste. The fact is the still a fact and not a myth.

More exactly, the taste has a subtly of enzymatic flowery aroma.

I was given a modicum amount of royal jelly with pure honey on top. That makes the food easier to consume like sweeten pollen syrup.

Inside the bee hive, the nurse bee is constantly producing royal jelly mainly for two purposes, to feed the one and only queen bee and to millions of larvae, including drone brood. The crucial role for nurse bee is thus as indispensable as the worker bee.

I hope to share more of the discussion that day. Meanwhile, below photos showcase the product range from A-Bee Bee Farm (安蜂養蜂場) in Gueiren District, Tainan city. The purchase is also made available throught online shopping cart.

More info from the A-Bee Bee Farm’s homepage or Facebook Page.
Address: No.89, Ln. 468, Nanding Rd., Guiren Dist., Tainan City. Tel: 06-2053618

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