A Moderate and Distance Hike

Last updated on August 25th, 2015 at 09:27 am


Part of the trail from Wuling Quadruple Mountains.

A signboard standing in the midst of this foggy trail.

It is located at the altitude of more than 3000 meters in Taiwan’s Snow Mountain Range.

In front, if you could spot the mountain lodge is just at the end of the green patch, and slightly on the the center-right; that is our resting place for the long hike.

This is just one of the hike ranging from moderate to tough. Distant matters if one hasn’t gotten enough training for stamina and endurance.

Wear a pair of comfortable shoe.

This hike starts at the altitude 2000 m in Wuling Farm.

Within a day, we ascended more than 1000 m in elevation. Been walking for almost 8.5 hours with my heavy backpack.

I arrived earlier than planned 9.5 hours. Taking the lead from 9 mountaineers behind me, and 3 before me who arrived slightly earlier.

This is how the hiking trail is planned:

> Day 2, Starting at WuLing Quadruple Suspension Bridge (100 mins to–>) ChiYou Trailhead (420 mins to–>) SanCha Campsite (60 mins to–>) XinDa Mountain Lodge (Ending). 武陵吊橋 100分 –> 池有山登山口 420分 –> 三叉營地 60分 –> 新達山屋