Commonly Used Unit of Measurement in Taiwan, Ping

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Here are some commonly used unit of measurement in Taiwan. These quantification methods are traditional and is also refer as market system.

Often takes place in local fresh market when you want to buy fruits or poultry, renting an apartment in Taiwan or to altering your long pants in a tailor shop.

The point is there are not direct in conversion or a 1-is-to-1 ratio.

1 Ping = 3.305 square meters

Words like Ping (坪) for area, Jin (斤) for weight and Chi (斤) for length are common.

I would consider these unit of measurements the linguistic essentials for basic understanding while living in Taiwan.

1 Jin  = 600 grams

Some terms are almost outdated that I shall not mention them.

For example, li (里) for traveling distant and Liang (兩) for standard weight of precious metal. You likely see them in vernacular literacy.

Others are straight forward, as in translation and conversion rate of 1-to-1. For example, Sheng (升) for measuring liquids in a container.

Quantity of 1 Sheng (升) estimates to 1 litre. More precisely is 1.035 litres but what significance does it takes for the additional 0.035 litres in a single rain drop?

Commonly Used, Unit of Measurements In Taiwan, Ping 坪, Taiwan

  • Area: 坪 (Pronounce as Ping)
    • 1 Ping = 3.305 Square Meters. Approx. 3.3 m2
    • 1 Ping = 35.57 Square Foot. Approx. 36 ft2.
    • Or locally refer as (6 x 6 tatami mats)
  • Weight: 斤 (Pronounce as Jin)
    • 1 Jin = 600 grams
    • Precisely 596.816 grams
  • Length: 尺 (Pronounce as Chi, sounds like Cher)
    • 1 Chi = 30.30 Centimeter (cm)
    • 1 Chi = 12 inch.

1 Chi  = 30.30 cm

convert ping to square meter

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