Distant Between Taipei and Tainan

Last updated on July 19th, 2013 at 05:10 pm

My first trip to Tainan City was on 19th December 2011. Tainan City is located at the Southern part of Taiwan.

If you were to fly straight across those rolling mountains in the central plain, the distant between Taipei and Tainan is close to 260km.distant between Taipei and Tainan

Having stayed in Taipei for 8 months, never have I thought of traveling to Tainan city. Anyhow, I did it.

Traveling to visit places-of-interest and traveling to make-a-living, exert one’s source of energy differently.

One of the best infrastructure for land transportation is traveling by train. With the railway route by Western Line, distant will be slightly longer. Usually it takes about 4 hours per trip.

Tze-Chiang Trains are class of modern trains operated by the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA). The cabins are clean and air-conditioned. Tickets are relatively affordable.

Worth having a ride during the day to enjoy the scenic view passing rice fields of rural Taiwan and green mountains on the far left.

One impression intrigues me while looking at the outline of Taiwan; the island resembles an inverted banana fruit.

Taiwan Train Ticket, Taipei to Tainan
Taiwan Train Ticket, Taipei to Tainan