Facebook Integration with WordPress

Last updated on December 5th, 2016 at 11:57 am

Things done and trying to learn as much as what’s the new trends in Blogosphere.

This piece of news interest me or to anyone who loves blogging. With the exceptional cause when useful plugin comes to WordPress blogs with more than 600 million unique visitors every month.

Facebook is trying to weave its platform more deeply into the fabric of the blogging universe, which is dominated by WordPress.

Read an article published on Forbes website, “Facebook Rolls Out WordPress Integration To Take Over Blogosphere”. It’s a new WordPress plugin integrating with Facebook.

The official news published in Facebook’s Developer Blog, written by Matt Kelly.

In the Facebook’s Developer site, its say

“TechCrunch, Buzz Media and The Next Web are already using the plugin to connect with their audiences while providing users with more engaging and personalized experiences.”

Wow! If I’m not getting this plugin, I may have missed the bigger pie of social blogging.

I made a search on new WordPress plugin. To my surprise, more than 25,000 users have installed, since 6 days plugin has lunched. Or I could have missed it during the preliminary trial.

I followed the instructions and installed the plugin without hesitation. Not gaining much on how-it-works comes later.

The first step on the setup is to create the Facebook app. Followed by some configuration with your self-hosted URL link.

The App is sort of a middle-person linking between WordPress plugin to Facebook.

Then there is sign up from Heroku Cloud Application Platform. I guess it’s the cloud service to connection between links-to-links application. I have yet to find out detail on this. Pretty new to me.

It is almost like a crash course with steep-learning curve. A bit of ad hoc and reactive.

Surfing and reading from links of information to another links of how-to.

I’ trying to put up this post to see it it works on my low-profile facebook page http://facebook.com/RedFlamy.

Facebook Integration for WordPress
Facebook Integration for WordPress (Screenshot)


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