Jhonglun Motorcycle Shop Lady Boss Speaks English

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Jhonglun Motorcycle Shop (忠輪機車行) in Yongkang District, Tainan, is located in close proximity to Tainan University of Technology (台南應用 科技大學)

So near that it’s only within walking distant of 400m from the main entrance gate of Tainan University of Technology. I would recommend this shop to any of the foreign students getting a motorcycle service or buying new ones.

Sharing below my thoughts on a visit to Jhonglun Motorcycle Shop (忠輪機車行).

At 10 a.m., I arrived Jhonglun Motorcycle Shop. The storefront was spacious, brightly lit and has an acceptable liking to my preference of an ideal mechanical shops.

Somehow, it’s better than other shops which are usually a storefront, one main entrance and florescent lights lit on to brighten the workshops and small office space inside.

Jhonglun Motorcycle Shop opens at the very first unit of the row of shop houses. During the day, natural lights comes from two sides of the entrances and shop is easily found at the junction of Zhongzheng Road and Xinzhong Street.

Jhonglun Motorcycle Shop
Jhonglun Motorcycle Shop, Tainan

Almost like every motorcycle shops in Tainan, typically, with large advertising banners of local well-known brands like YAMAHA, KYMCO and SYM, all securely affixed on top. Jhonglun Motorcycle Shop makes no difference.

Interestingly and not knowing why, shop name in Chinese “忠輪機車行” is much smaller than the brands of the banner. And there is no English shop name, except for the big lettered motorcycle brand of KYMCO.

Don’t be mistaken by the shop name just because of the bigger font size on banners.

So, how do you know the shop to be worth your visit and foremost, without the daunting fact of language barrier when communicating with the sales person in Jhonglun Motorcycle Shop.

Fret not. This was something I had underestimated at first-sight, still not being lost, though.

Jhonglun Motorcycle Shop lady boss speaks English language.

Fairly reasonably well, indeed.

She is friendly and patience when dealing with customer. Always willing to help and share most of the information you need.

Maintenance and repair of motorcycle, such as frequency of changing engine oil, gear lubrication, battery warranty, air-filters. Also services like, buy and selling of motorcycles, recommendation, insurance coverage, emission inspection, so on and so forth.

It is almost a worry-free service, in particularly on emergency road breakdown service. Cost of motorcycle rescue is totally free if within 5 km radius of Jhonglun Motorcycle Shop.

When we were talking, I was able to learn some of her spoken English with Taiwanese accent.

I enjoyed the conversation with her, albeit some keywords that were mispronounced. At times, asking her to repeat. She wouldn’t mind saying the same line again just to get the message across.

Lady boss also told me when she encounters language problem, google translator will be handy. She wants to clear out the air of language barrier.

How brilliant! She wants to help and mobile apps are so useful these days, isn’t it?

Try her motorcycle service once, you will more like be the returning customer of Jhonglun Motorcycle Shop.

Location: No. 722, Zhongzheng Rd, Yongkang Dist., Tainan City

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