Jingzaijiao Tile-paved Salt Fields

Traditional way of salt drying in Beimen District, Tainan city, Jingzaijiao Tile-paved Salt Fields, Salt Farming.

I took this some years ago and the edited image was overly cooked! 😁 Photo editing does take some skill, indeed.

After returning to the same place last year, I did not make it again for the third time.

Distant is about 40km from Tainan Station.

Short journey as you might think, it’s only when you are riding on a scooter to and fro, plus some distant lost on the way.

I would like to travel there someday. Again.

It’s a beautiful place!

The terrain in Jingzaijiao Tile-paved Salt Fields is flat. If ever have one to use the ‘giant’ spirit lever gauge, it would show up almost perfectly levered.

The sun setting makes the most dramatic scene!
On good weather especially on weekends, photographers would place their tripod at the best spot 2-3 hours ahead of the actual sunset time.

As brilliant as the sunset can be, it may last for only a few minutes.

The sun lowers slowly but surely. The beautiful blue sky painted the still water resting on salt tile. Reflection is stunningly amazing!

Splendid colours gradually change over time, from mild yellow to ember orange. Minutes later, colours of fiery red cooling down to purplish blue.

All these epic scenes happen till the sun gets below the farthest horizon and the egrets-herons-terns settle on tree branches for another quiescent night.

Only then shall the pro photographers decided to call it a day.

Let me share with you this secret plan of the same group of pro photographers. There don’t simply pack and go home

This pros will travel to Erliao Sunrise Pavilion at Zuozhen District, somewhere 53 km southeast from the salt farm.

What’s the urgency to be at the sunrise pavilion while the sun has just set?

Wise man says, ” It’s better to be 3 hours too soon than a minuite too late.”

But this is more than 3 hours plus a night stay…

Pitch a tent, pokers, chill out with Taiwan beer, chit-chat session, coffee, instant noodles, tune to Spotify, apply insect repellants, night-shift duty, take a forty winks or go to sleep in the car.

Prior to that, tripod placed at the best spot 6-8 hours before sunrise. Depends on the crowd, much earlier if needed. Wake up at the crack of dawn to shoot another dramatic scene.

There are likely not getting a comfortable sleep and there’s no 7-11 store over there.

Someday, I will share these images of sunset and sunrise with the photographers in action.

Ah! Don’t count me in as a pro photographer.

What about the salt farm?

This is a much smaller area of salt farm the city is keeping it as a tourism attraction.

Salt farming was once a very active domestic agriculture and industrial sector in Tainan City.

Now, this solar salt is no longer economically viable, hence, production stop in May 2002.

Worth a visit to enjoy the epic sunset.

Photography enthusiasts and travel bloggers must go!

A great way to experience hands on how to pan the salt.

Some stalls and shops setup over there selling Taiwanese sausages, local snacks, homemade tea and souvenirs.