Long Queue at Qui’s Squid Vermicelli Soup

Last updated on September 28th, 2017 at 11:05 pm

At any rate, do expect a long Queue at Qui’s Squid Vermicelli Soup.

Located at Section 3, Guohua Street, West-Central District, Tainan City.

This is an old food stall owned by Qui family. Nothing more than selling squid vermicelli soup.

There’s no deep fried like the calamari, but squid cut into rings cooked with light broth.

It used to be a popular breakfast.

The traditional cuisine gets so popular that the business shouldn’t say no to extend till late afternoon.

Long queue even at 2pm. Would suggest weekdays 3pm as snacks.

Preferably not an ideal meal during lunch hour.

Small business bowl per order. One would likely crave for more.

Not seeing any foreigners making the order because it’s a popular local traditional cuisine.

Plus, there’s no noticeably English menu available. Not a problem, still.

Taiwanese for all corners would travel to Tainan without missing this snack.

As I said earlier, only sell Squid Vermicelli Soup.

This is no restaurant selling a plethora of cuisines that turns out a chaos of choices.

Single selling item on menu (no menu, the fact is). It simplify the whole order.

Sign language works as good. Points to the wok of boiling vermicelli broth and hand-sign a “1” with your index finger to the vendor. That’s about it.

Easy like one only drinks classic Americano as he walks into a cafe.

Price is about NTD 70-80 each bowl.