MiRiceCake Salty Rice Pudding, the Best Wah Kueh in Madou District

If you were to ask where is the best salty rice pudding in Tainan City, any of the heartlanders would recommend Miricecake in Madou District.

Miricecake (南方米造秈稻碗粿, Nánfāng mǐzào xiāndào wǎn guǒ) has been in business for over 50 years, possibly the earliest and oldest stall still using homemade rice pudding recipe.

The traditional salty rice pudding is also known as salty rice cake or wah kueh (碗粿) to Taiwanese, Singaporean and Malaysian Chinese of Hokkien dialect.

More specifically, it’s a popular snacks originated by the Southern Min Chinese (Min Nan).

Miricecake (南方米造秈稻碗粿) has English menu showing different flavouring of salty rice cake, rice dumpling, pork knuckle peanut stew. Tea drinks of crystal sugar Tremella tea, black sugar melon tea are recommended.

Before my visit, I have tried some of the salty rice cake from other district. Typically, those stalls near to the tourist attractions and easy access by public transport.

Food looks about the same but the taste is different. Only the travelling distant to Madou District is thus far, however, worth it.

When asked about what is the best wah kueh to the standard of Miricecake in Madou district, the owner shared a great deal of details.

Rice quality, milling of flour, controlled process, the making of rice batter, steaming process and how it should exactly taste like.

Easier said then done. Pretty much like a gastronomic science.

MiRiceCake, Salty Rice Pudding, Wah Kueh, Tainan City
MiRiceCake, Salty Rice Pudding, Wah Kueh, Tainan City

The essential ingredient of salty rice cake is rice batter and cooking technique using steaming process with controlled temperature.

Before it is cooked, salty egg york, diced pork, dried shrimps and fragrant mushroom are added into the porcelain bowl of rice batter.

With chopped shallots, it gives the snacks even more flavoring of mild onion. Not a heavy meal. Isn’t that makes a simple nutritious meal for breakfast and snacks?

How does salty rice pudding or wah kueh taste like?

From the top layer where your spork get its first-cut to the bottom of the bowl, you should experience an evenly smooth dissect as the utensil carve deeper.

If the cut is soft pulpy at the surface to stiff at the bottom, it means the homogeneity of steamed rice batter is not evenly bodied.

Well-controlled heat temperature is critical in steaming process.

Salty Rice Pudding, Nanfang Mizhao, Madou, Tainan City, Miricecake
Salty Rice Pudding, Nanfang Mizhao, Madou, Tainan City, Miricecake

Chewing each bite should be tender and slightly springiness but not chomp like nougat. Somewhat quaking and slippery as pudding desert.

When in the mouth, it gives your palate a fine tang of faintly scented healthy rice starch.

The garlic sauce add more taste to wah kueh. Sharp flavour of assertive pungency and heated piquancy.

The aftertaste of spiciness don’t last long. It comes quickly and goes off swiftly like a pinch of inhaled snuff.

How the restaurant looks like?

The interior of the restaurant looks calm and welcoming. Ventilation is good with high ceiling and air-conditioned, plus electric fans.

With the warm color from the red-brick wall exposed without plastering looks rustic and cosy. The wall paintings creates a touch of homestead.

We enjoyed the delicious meal and a good talk on the making of salty rice pudding.

No regrets even the distant is really far. Best to be there before mid-afternoon. This salty rice pudding sells like hot cakes from 7am to 1pm. Free WiFi available.

Food Menu, Miricecake, Madou, Tainan
Food Menu, Miricecake, Madou, Tainan

More photos from Miricecake Facebook Page. Contact: 06-5713126

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