A-Bee Bee Farm Since 1962, Gueiren District, Tainan City

On my trip to A-Bee Bee Farm (安蜂養蜂場) in Gueiren District, Tainan city,  was a good deal of knowledge learning about bee farming, harvesting raw honey and honey production as health food, including royal jelly.

The range of product goes from 100% pure honey harvested in different type of flowers. The harvest of honey comes from avocado, longan, lychee and various flowers. The gift pack is ideal for friends or family.

One of the key staff I spoke to was able to speak English language fluently, so is the description available in English on its product label. Their product menu is English-friendly and I was not having much difficulty in commuication that day.

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Crystal Sugar Braised Duck in Houbi District, Local Delight Not To Be Missed

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Braised duck meat cooked with crystal sugar is one of the favourite food in the local social dinning. Plus, you can’t go without Taiwan Beer to complement. Both food and beverage are quintessentially Taiwan.

Ordering this local delight is available online. Crystal Sugar Braised Duck in Houbi District (後壁冰糖醬鴨) is producing the cooked food and offering delivery service in Taiwan island.

If you live in Tainan City, delivery would be faster than those in distanced northern counties. Food has to deliver when its fresh. Delivery island-wide within 24 hours isn’t much of a problem.

I visited Crystal Sugar Braised Duck in Houbi District (後壁冰糖醬鴨) and purchased some of the great products for my Taiwanese friends. Glad to see food menu with English language descriptions.

Wide variety of food products from duck, chicken, pork, tofu and dumplings. Cooked food is freshly frozen and vacuum pack ready for delivery.

Beside the savory crystal sugar braised duck meat as number one best seller, there are other great choices too.

Braised pork offal and giblets; chicken feet, duck wings, chewy intestines, braised chicken egg, nutty gizzards and pork ears and delectable braised pork knuckles. All in one stall.

Weather was cooling on that very day in the evening. I visited my friends with those freshly packed braised pork offal and giblets.

Just like many Taiwanese, they feasted with relish the inner organs of beasts and fowls. And again, the Taiwan beer is never a miss-out item. Chat, cheers, drink and be merry. Always, don’t drink and drive.

Crystal sugar braised duck meat, Houbi District
Crystal sugar braised duck meat, Houbi District

Some foreigners might shy away from offal and giblets. In the ancient capital of Tainan city, one shall have the opportunity to experience living like a local. Bracing the Taiwanese food culture of local delight and not gastronomic shock.

Don’t you eat the tangy inner intestine of ducks and collagenic pork knuckles?

Alternatively, I would recommend the mouth-watering braised duck meat, tender drumsticks, sliced duck meat and the dumplings with duck fillings.

Feast on and let the food fight it out inside!

Distant to Houbi District is far from Tainan city area. I suggest online order and delivery. Food are kept fresh in large refrigerator.

For more details of online ordering, please visit the homepage, photos from Facebook page or call 06-6872078 to order with English food menu.

Address: No. 42-18, Houbi, Houbi District, Tainan City 731, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

English-Friendly food menu, Houbi, Crystal Sugar Braised Duck, Price list
English-Friendly food menu, Houbi, Crystal Sugar Braised Duck, Price list

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MiRiceCake Salty Rice Pudding, the Best Wah Kueh in Madou District

If you were to ask where is the best salty rice pudding in Tainan City, any of the heartlanders would recommend Miricecake in Madou District.

Miricecake (南方米造秈稻碗粿, Nánfāng mǐzào xiāndào wǎn guǒ) has been in business for over 50 years, possibly the earliest and oldest stall still using homemade rice pudding recipe.

The traditional salty rice pudding is also known as salty rice cake or wah kueh (碗粿) to Taiwanese, Singaporean and Malaysian Chinese of Hokkien dialect.

More specifically, it’s a popular snacks originated by the Southern Min Chinese (Min Nan).

Miricecake (南方米造秈稻碗粿) has English menu showing different flavouring of salty rice cake, rice dumpling, pork knuckle peanut stew. Tea drinks of crystal sugar Tremella tea, black sugar melon tea are recommended.

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