The Roads Nearby NCKU, Tainan

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Below describing some of the main roads nearby NCKU. I have based on the snapshot of map from Google, with one road edited its name as “DaXue Road or University Road

  1. NCKU is located in the East District of Tainan County. Sometime also refer as Dong District on print-out maps. The administrative district has the most dense population of 1.35 per 100 m2.
  2. The university covers an approximated area of 1.73 km2, including all 9 resourceful campuses. Naming a few are Kuang-Fu Campus, Cheng-Kung Campus, and Sheng-Li Campus.
  3. School compound has an estimated perimeter outlined by 4 major roads. Namely, 
    • DongFeng Road at North, 
    • QianFeng Road at West, 
    • LinSen Road on the East, and 
    • DaXue Road as the South boundary.
      Note: The latter is officially named as University Road in school academia address.
  4. Apart from the 4 distanced boundaries, there are also 4 cross-section junctions within. 
    • ShengLi Road and ZhangRong Road head in the direction of North-South.
    • University Road and XiaoDong Road take the lead in the East-West direction.
    • These 2 sets of roads, stretch almost parallel to each other, meet at the 4 junctions perpendicularly.
  5. To be more inclusive, my personal opinion is to have DongNing Road at further south of University Road. DongNing Road is not quite define as the outline, albeit student dormitories in Sheng-Li Campusdominates almost half of the area encompassed by
    • DaXue Road,
    • ShengLi Road at west, and 
    • ZhangRong Road at the eastern side.
  6. In north region of the map, traveling by wheels on XiaoDong Road is probably the more accessible way to reach the opposite site of the railway track. The train station located along Section 2, Bei-Men Road. 
    • The route will bring you through an underpass. The traffic along this road can be congested during peak-hours.
    • The Word “Bei” refers to North in Chinese pronunciation; similar to the word Taipei from second syllabus.
    • Tainan Park is located just at the T-junction of these two jointed roads.
  7. Making your first visit to the nearest school compound via Kuang-Fu Campus is almost next to your door step from Tainan Train Station. Use the Rear Exit of the station.
  8. Popular food lane, YuLe Street (read as “Yu-Ler”) is on a minor road nearest to Sheng-Li Campus and Kuang-Fu Campus.
    • For food and eateries, don’t miss out YuLe Street to have your tantalizing taste of Tainan. 
    • Most food stalls selling at student price. Ranging between NT$ 100 to NT$40 and restaurants NT$200-ish.
    • The word “YuLe”refers to ‘Entertainment’, but not referring to the bustling street with KTVs, Clubs, Bristo bar, or Pubs.
  9. More food can be found if you walk along ZhangRong Road.
    • Only difference is that most shops selling cooked-food are loosely situated apart.
    • Continue straight down to south along ZhangRong Road will see a supermarket to buy grocery.
    • Further down, if riding by scooter, is DaDong night market; the closest night market to NCKU.
  10. The university has an easy-to-remember GPS coordinates.
    • Latitude 22.99868°N, and
    • Longitude 120.21688°E.
    • (based on GPS Planner Online).
The Roads Nearby NCKU
The Roads Nearby NCKU

Distant Between Taipei and Tainan

Taiwan Train Ticket, Taipei to Tainan

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My first trip to Tainan City was on 19th December 2011. Tainan City is located at the Southern part of Taiwan.

If you were to fly straight across those rolling mountains in the central plain, the distant between Taipei and Tainan is close to 260km.distant between Taipei and Tainan

Having stayed in Taipei for 8 months, never have I thought of traveling to Tainan city. Anyhow, I did it.

Traveling to visit places-of-interest and traveling to make-a-living, exert one’s source of energy differently.

One of the best infrastructure for land transportation is traveling by train. With the railway route by Western Line, distant will be slightly longer. Usually it takes about 4 hours per trip.

Tze-Chiang Trains are class of modern trains operated by the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA). The cabins are clean and air-conditioned. Tickets are relatively affordable.

Worth having a ride during the day to enjoy the scenic view passing rice fields of rural Taiwan and green mountains on the far left.

One impression intrigues me while looking at the outline of Taiwan; the island resembles an inverted banana fruit.

Taiwan Train Ticket, Taipei to Tainan
Taiwan Train Ticket, Taipei to Tainan


International Orchid Show in Taiwan, Tainan, HouBi District

Orchid Flowers1, Taiwan, Tainan

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Yesterday was a beautiful day in Tainan City; bright sunshine in the morning, with a cool weather at 23°C for late Winter.

Entrance Ticket, TOS, Orchid, Taiwan

After breakfast, I headed straight to Tainan train station, and bought a train ticket.

Setting off as per plan, to a small town located in the northern region of Tainan County, HouBi District (後壁區), approximately 40km from the Tainan City.

HouBi District is a plane farm area, suitable for agricultural crops. And with remarkable geographical features, it is also the best spot for growing orchid flowers.

Inhibited with 26,002 people living in an area of 71 km². These data from Wiki computed to have a population density equivalent to 3 person standing in an international soccer field!

Located in GuanZiLing scenic area of HouBi District, the most well-known activity happening here is its hot spring and mud spa. It is one of the 3 places in the world who naturally-gifted land with mud spa.

If you want to enjoy a relaxing mud spa in quiet solitude, don’t miss this spot. However, as this particular week, HouBi District has a totally different attraction.

Taiwan is holding the most colorful flower exhibition. Starting from 3rd to 11th of March 2012, Taiwan International Orchid Show 2012 will showcase it’s most prestigious galleries with endless series of beauteous orchid flowers.

The theme for this year is “New Orchid, New Vision“. It also include other countries like Germany, United States, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan.

You will be overwhelmed by different spices of orchids you can see in this place. No where else, but in Taiwan International Orchid Show 2012.

The orchid displays are breathtaking! An eye-opener for one who can never imagine orchid has such a wide variety of species.

Here are some of the shots taken at Taiwan International Orchid Show 2012.

Orchid Flowers1, Taiwan, Tainan
Orchid Flowers, Taiwan, Tainan
Orchid Flowers, Taiwan, Tainan
Orchid Flowers, Taiwan, Tainan
Orchid Flowers, Taiwan, Tainan
Orchid Flowers, Taiwan, Tainan
Orchid Flowers, Taiwan, Tainan
Orchid Flowers, Taiwan, Tainan
Orchid Flowers, Taiwan, Tainan
Orchid Flowers, Taiwan, Tainan

More detail can be obtain from the Official Website: