Super Typhoon Usagi, Strongest Ever Recorded Tropical Cyclone

Super Typhoon Usagi could be the strongest ever recorded tropical cyclone on Earth this year. And its going to make the heaviest landfall at South Taiwan.

The current location of  Super Typhoon Usagi is nearing Southern Taiwan and forecast direction at West Northwest approaching Eastern coast of South Taiwan tonight to batter the island with extreme torrential rain.

According to Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC), based on One-minute average wind radii valid over open waters, reported maximum sustained wind speed is 130 Knots.

That is powerfully equivalent to 240 km/h (!)

Placing its intensity at Category 4 typhoon with Category 5 the maximum wind speed more than 252 km/h.

While Taiwan is enjoying in the midst of super long holiday for Mid-Autumn Festival, the coming Super Typhoon Usagi is expected to pound the island with more cloudburst, violent rainstorm and strong gusty wind on Saturday (21-September).

Why Super Typhoon Usagi is the most powerful tropical cyclone 2013?

Though, forecast of wind speed is slightly slower on 21-September, it is still not significantly weak.

If you had experienced the recent Typhoon Soulik last July 2013, the fiercest speed gained was 185 km/h. Comparing it with Super Typhoon Usagi, it is even more stronger at forecast maximum speed of 222 km/h (120 knots) on coming Saturday (21-September).

Should you celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival?

Let’s face it, Super Typhoon Usagi is on the path of destruction. Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival with BBQ is an important occasion in the Chinese Lunar calendar.

Under the concrete bridge might not be ideal. Risk not, at least for this time. Be vigilant to anticipate with any drastic change of weather.

Your best choice to celebrate this occasion is to stay indoor or in an enclosed building, preferably restaurants.  Bring your Invincible umbrella, waterproof boots, hooded raincoat, and with casual footwear, flip-flops or sandals.

Be safe, be prepared.

Below sharing a snippet image of Super Typhoon Usagi forecast by Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC).

Also some interesting snapshots of weather forecast by Instagramers.

Super Typhoon Usagi, Taiwan
Super Typhoon Usagi, Taiwan. Source: Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC)