Tainan Candied, The Oldest Fruit Preserves Store in Tainan

Last updated on February 2nd, 2015 at 09:24 pm

Tainan Candied (美勝珍蜜餞) is the oldest store selling candied fruits in Tainan city. The store was established since 1947 which has over 67 years of continual business to date.

A quick glance at the store front selling all ranges of candied fruits, which is also known as crystallized fruits or the dried fruit preserves.

Products ranging from the popular Taiwan’s dried mango and dried plum to tantalizing pineapple slices to tomato preserves.

Seasonal Mulberry Preserves and Dried Mango

Some fruits are seasonal often time the best seller, such as mulberry preserves and dried mango.

According to the shop owner, Mr. Tsai, mentioned that mulberry preserves are specially harvested when it starts to turn deep red. This selected choice of harvested fruits will retain its tartness.

After harvest, mulberries are mixed with sugar syrup, followed by natural sun drying process for 3 days. No other artificial colorings or mixtures are added, thus, retaining its natural tart taste.

Tasted some while I visited his shop. The tart taste of mulberry preserves is refreshing and not too sweet nor sour, and in some ways reminiscent of grapefruit.

Mango, the Symbol of Love Sweetness

In Taiwan or the love culture for Taiwanese couples, mango is the symbol of love. A bagful of mangoes is an excellent gift from friends or parents. It also signifies couples with forever sweetness in their loving life.

During the olden days in Tainan, newly married couples might not be able to own a refrigerator for keeping fruits fresh, hence, dried mango become popular as the very best gift for them.

The delectable sweetness of dried mango remains fresh while making it to last for a long period of 100 days without keeping in the refrigerator.

This idea of making candied fruits lies in Mr. Tsai’s father, who is the rightful founder of the shop.

The store is strategically located right at the entrance of GuoHua Street 2nd Section (國華街二段) from ZhongZheng Road (中正路).

Below sharing some photos of Tainan Candied store and its products.

美勝珍蜜餞 (měi shèng zhēn mì jiàn) is the Chinese name of Tainan Candied stores.