Tainan West Market undergoing Restoration Till 2019

Last updated on September 28th, 2017 at 11:06 pm

Tainan West Market (台南西市場) is undergoing its repair and restoration work till 2019.

This old market was built in 1912 and during the period of Japanese Occupation. It was once the largest and most busiest market in the bustling West-Central District in Tainan City.

Tainan city was the old capital of Taiwan before 1887. The reminiscence of life in this city contiunes to stay on with the old generation of heartlanders.

The local people like to call it Capital City (府城) or more beautifully described as “The Phoenix City”.

Those in their 50s and 60s love the Mandarin pop song “Moonlight in the City” sang by a Singaporean artist Xu Meijing (許美靜城裡的月光).

The song lyrics have meaningly captured the sentiment of people living in Tainan City.

Indeed, the old city was full of vibes and inspiration. I do hope that one day, the city could rejuvenate to become a fledging phoenix city.

Now, conservation work of the building is worth its value. It does help those younger generation who wants to understand the early development and livelihood of Taiwan.

The century-old building had started its repair and restoration work since last May 2017. This shot was taken today.

Somewhere around March 2017, I did a broadcast at the entrance of Tainan West Market. Back then, the repair and restoration work was not yet started. Below is the video.