Taiwan International Orchid Show, How to Get There

Last updated on August 11th, 2014 at 02:56 pm

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Taiwan International Orchid Show, one of the most highly recommended events in the Tainan City, South of Taiwan.

The exhibition show starts from 8th to 17th March 2014.

One should not miss if you are traveling to Taiwan, not just the show, but also a less-seen suburb region of Tainan City, HouBi District.

Every year, TIOS provides tons of valuable information on this international event, (most in Chinese). There are scheduled symposium featuring from talk shows to business forums. As years go by, TIOS has improved with English website to cater for non-Chinese reader.

Even if you don’t follow the program highlights, Taiwan International Orchid Show is still worth your visit to be delighted and enthralled by watching halls-to-halls of exhibited Orchid flowers.

Having so much being shared, I have not noticed there are providing traveling details for many foreign tourists or students on self-guided tour, such as backpackers or who don’t read Chinese information that well, or at all.

There are a few primary means of transportation to Taiwan International Orchid Show. These includes your friendly local friend who befriended you recently, has enthusiastically wanting to drive or scooter you to this frenzy event.

In a quick manner, I shall go straight to the most economical class of public transport, TRA train, fast and clean.

Train routes are well connected from North to South of the island. The state-owned railway operates by Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA). One of the main line named Western Line, travels from from Keelung City (North) to Kaohsiung City (South).

    1. Head on to the nearest TRA train station, walk to the ticket counter and purchase your 2-way (with return) tickets to HouBi Station (後壁車站).
    2. As Taiwan International Orchid Show is the only event which attracted the most crowd toHouBi Station every year.
    3. On alighting, just follow the crowd and get to the exit of the train station. That’s where the annual crowd gathered.
    4. Every year, since I started to attend this event from 2011, there is always free shuttle bus provided. Usually the bus stop is located not more than 80 meters from the HouBi Station.
    5. Do look out for signs of crowd in long queue near the main road, that is where the free shuttle bus pick-up point. Proceed.
    6. Shuttle bus has scheduled timing and it provides return trip to HouBi Station.

Taiwan International Orchid Show is one of the orchid professional shows in the world. According to our efforts, Taiwan occupies a pivotal position in the world of orchids, accounting for over 70 percent of the total value of Taiwan’s horticultural exports around the world. Taiwan International Orchid Show 2013 attracted some 260,000 visitors which included nearly 3,000 foreign floral exports and buyers from abroad.  – TIOS

More details from the website in English, Taiwan International Orchid Show

Taiwan International Orchid Show 2014, TIOS

Taiwan International Orchid Show 2014, TIOS 2014