Trees in Confucious Temple, Tainan

Last updated on September 28th, 2017 at 11:01 pm

There are a lot of trees in this charming Tainan City. Many are old growth and it’s nice to appreciate such a natural lanscape.

The ancient Confucious Temple, built in 1665, was started as the first academic institute in Taiwan.

There are some changes and rebuildings, however, it haven’t changed much since early 1900. Some of the prominent old trees still exist in Confucius Temple.

The Crooked Plumeria tree

Frangipani Tree, Plumeria

The side entrance of Confucious Temple from Nanmen Road, there is a crooked but a beautiful Plumeria tree.

It has tree trunk growing sideways.

Old growth of Plumeria tree or the frangipani tree do not grow fast or as tall as the rain tree.

If there are found in West-Central District, it usually speaks about the historic background of the landmarks and people living in the region.

To be exact, this history dates back to over 300 years and during Tung Dynasty in Tainan.

I shall do another post on this and share where is this great gran Plumeria tree is located.

The Giant Raintree

rain tree ar Confucious Temple

The 83 y.o raintree located at the Confucius temple could be the oldest.

Another tree with the closest in height and diameter of tree trunk is located in NCKU, ChengKung campus.

Raintree produce umbrella-shaped canopy. This particular tree in the temple doesn’t look quite like one with the desired shape.

Some of the branches on the left side is pruned and maintain a safe distant from the roofing. Think about fallen branches…

This large tree is supported by wire-cable secured on the ground on one end, especially on the right side.

It prevent damages to the terracotta roofing of Confucius temple if it were to topple during stormy weather. (Touch wood!)

Old Banyan tree

fruits of Banyan tree close up

The banyan tree is common everywhere in Taiwan.

Those found in Tainan city are usually more than a century old, or the very least as old as many octogenarian residence in the city.

One that I broadcast some months ago is located somewhere near the new Dream Mall, Tainan City. Over 300 years old Banyan tree in Houjia District.

Squirrels love banyan tree like living an ecological condominuim. It bear fruits in summer to early autumn.

Fruits start to drop and litter the ground like fallen round peas. It cracks when you step on it but will not cause slippery ground.

Longan Fruit Tree

Longan is an edible fruits produced mainly in Southern Asia. It taste sweet on each small fruits. Simllar to lychee but smaller and has soft shell brown in color, whereas the former is pink-red.

Longan tree is part of the important trees that co-exist in the Tainan city landscaping. The direct transalation of chinese name (龍眼) is ‘dragon eye’.

Formosan Gum Tree

Walk a little further to the sport fields of Jhongyi Elementray School, you will be able to find this deciduous tree.

Liquidambar formosana, also known as the Chinese sweet gum or Formosan gum, is located within the precinct near Fuqian Road.

This tree is exactly located at the border of the running tracks next to the bomb monument.

The label displayed in English is not correct, however, the Chinese naming is correct.

Shapes of leaves and texture of tree does show what a Formosan gum tree looks like.