Visiting Friends Restaurant in Liuying District for a Refreshing Fruit Dessert

When traveling to Liuying Dsitrict, do visit Friends Restaurant (荷冰友) for a refreshing fruit dessert and delicious milk hotpot for lunch.

It is also an ideal stopover to relax after a long drive in the afternoon.

The interior is well furnished with comfortable dining chairs, tables and checkered floor tiles. It has open concept kitchen at the center of dinning hall.

The lighting is warm white, making it looks relaxing and comfortable. It is the only air-conditioned restaurant within the precinct I could take note of.

There is no hassle when ordering food. The restaurant staff is efficient and friendly. If you don’t read Chinese, Friends Restaurant has English-friendly food menu too.

Luiying District is the countryside of Tainan city and Friends Restaurant (荷冰友) is located in Deyuanpi Holland Village (徳元埤荷蘭村).

Beside dinning in a comfortable restaurant, you could tour around Deyuanpi Holland Village.

The green pasture has Taiwan’s only Dutch windmill directly imported from Netherlands. Check that out here.

Because it is located in a rural district, the surroundings don’t have tall buildings. Therefore, having a spacious surround uncluttered and free from driving anxiety in a bustling road downtown.

I was there for my 2-hour lunch with friends. After dinning, I didn’t want to leaving the restuarant as the afternoon weather outside was scorching hot.

Simply too good a place to unwind and loosen up for your next destination.

For food choice, I recommend to try the fresh fruit dessert, smoothie, milkshake or an icy treat of popsicle. Lunch for Milk hotpot serves as an easy delightful meal.

For more information and photos, free to visit the homepage of Friends Restaurant (荷冰友) or the Facebook Page.
Address: No.100, Xincuo, Liuying Dist., Tainan City 736
Tel: 0931 751 457

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