Yong-Xing Black Soybean Sauce, Traditionally Homemade

Last updated on October 2nd, 2017 at 04:21 pm

Yong-Xing Black Soybean Sauce is a traditionally homemade condiment product. This family-owned business is located at Houbi District, Tainan City.

The soy sauce brand is not totally new to the local market. It has been producing dark and light soy sauce since the Japanese colonisation period in Tainan City, Taiwan.

Meaning to say, Yong-Xing Black Soybean Sauce (永興醬油食品廠) has five generations of secret recipes and inherited techniques for brewing, koji-making and brine fermentation.

Pure black bean is used and not those of genetically modified.

Final product is additive-free, no preservative, no artificial coloring or flavouring. Subtlety in taste and color are naturally mellow.

If you don’t read Chinese well, there have content and price list in English language. Basically, it is English-friendly menu for descriptions and names of product.

The working staff translated the content from Chinese, therefore, understanding of product is well-versed.

These well-kept traditions are especially noteworthy and highly regarded.

It is the preferred choice of soybean sauce to many families and culinary chefs from restaurants serving Chinese cuisine.

I have visited the small-scaled factory of Yong-Xing Black Soybean Sauce in Houbi District, somewhere near the border between northern Tainan and southern Chiayi County.

To my observation, this homemade soy sauce is not about mass production to retail those bottled sauce to megamall or supermarket.

As the provision is lesser, those prices for premium and top-shelf quality soy sauce are reasonably higher.

Plus, not seeing any sophisticated equipments or ultra-large containers for brine fermentaion process.

Generally, I would say it is a pretty much a low-tech and proven-in production method.

There make their koji in bamboo basket trays. This is the initial process of multiplying growth for filamentous fungus from the cooked black bean.

This process will take about 5-7 days at a regulated temperature and humidity to optimise growth of mold.

Thereafter, molded black beans will go through water rinsing process and heating before there are placed into large earthen jars for brine fermentation.

The fermentation is a lengthy process of 4-6 months for light sauce and 12 months for dark sauce.

Nothing more to be done beside having those happily earthen jars of soaked beans basking under the scorching sun, days and nights.

However, monitoring of the process is closely watched. Systematically.

Light soy sauce is very popular in Chinese cuisine. It goes along with steamed dumplings, red meat or as a modicum of flavour into cooking dishes.

The sauce itself has a palatable taste; not spicy but with an agreeable pungent in nature and appetisingly stimulating to your taste buds.

One of the best choice is the Premium Sugar-Free Soybean Sauce. Very suitable for senior citizens, diabetes patient and culinary chef.

For more infomation, please visit the homepage of Yong-Xing Black Soybean Sauce (永興醬油食品廠). Contact: 06-6881089

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