Yu Le Izakaya Restaurant Offers Homegrown Freshness of Japanese Food

Yu Le Izakaya (宇樂居酒屋) is a Japanese restaurant located right in a small lane no more than 180 meters from the popular tourist spot, Chikhan Tower.

The restaurant is a short distant from the main street, however, it is not hidden deep in the labyrinth of dimly lighted narrow alleys.

Finding the restaurant is not that difficult. A litter exploring is worth your time when you are traveling in old Tainan City.

The bar and grilled restaurant offers a myriad choices of homegrown freshness Japanese food. There have English-Friendly food menu available but the list changes seasonally.

Any dishes not shown in the menu certainly adds a variety to your dinning table. And, that is based on chef’s recommendations who serves with great pleasure to delight customers.

You gotta ask the great chef or the friendly waitress. I’ve to agree that is truly how out-of-the-menu dinning experience starts.

What we ordered from the restaurant? 

Sushi and sashimi platter are considered standard dishes to every Japanese restaurants. Counter top fridge displays an array of freshly cut raw fishes.

According to the chef, all fishes are bought and served on the same day.

I noticed what differs Yu Le Izakaya (宇樂居酒屋) from the rest of restaurants is the barbecue food.

Like the sliced chicken on bamboo skewer is traditionally charcoal-grilled. Guess that BBQ dish is also a variant of Yakiniku in Japan or Korea.

We had a good feast of lusciously savory BBQ dishes that day.

Grilled Miso Pig Tongue from the English-friendly food menu and Chef’s recommendation of baked cheese sliced chicken which is not in the menu.

The latter dish having a tangy, nutty flavour on the meat and velvety lustrous taste from the creamy cheese.

Beside these two dishes, we also had Flax Tofu Salad, assorted platter of appetizer and Japanese styled deep-fried chicken.

The vibrant color on the head of the shrimp speaks about the freshness.

For that, I can assure the top quality of food served by Yu Le Izakaya Japanese Restaurant in Tainan City.

Yu Le Izakaya Food Menu in English Description.jpg
Yu Le Izakaya Food Menu in English Description.jpg

The recommended hours to visit this dinning place is after touring Chikhan Tower because the restaurant opens at 5.30 PM till midnight in West-Central District
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No.3, Lane 45, Chiqian Street, West Central District, Tainan City 700
Phone: +886 6 229 4412

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