Yue Lao from Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple

Last updated on March 13th, 2015 at 12:07 am

One could seek deity Yue Lao from Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple for help, if your love life or marriage is rocking the boat with suspicious affair relationship from the unwelcoming third party.

This temple, also know as State Temple of Martial God, was built during late 17th century. It is to delicate Guan Gong, the heroic Chinese general, who fought battles during Eastern Han Dynasty. He is also the god of justice, loyalty and courage.

Because martial art exists as the cultural significance in this temple, how could Yue Lao be a weaker deity to loose sights and ignore those disharmonious marriage who are in desperate need to resole break ups?

Deity Yue Lao residing in this Martial Temple serves two purposes to help married couples and those singles in love.

Not only he could tie the red string of fate for singles finding new love, he also believe to have more powerful capability of getting rid of mediocre blossom and flirtatious swingers causing marital unfaithfulness or infidelity.

Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple (祀典武廟, Wu Dian Shi Miao) is located at No.229, Sec. 2, Yongfu Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan City

Deity of Yue Lao holding a walking stick. Red strings of fate lying in an entangled manner in this 3 sauces.

Offering of of fresh fruits and flowers at the sacrificial altar.

Believers of Yue Lao make their love request and roll a small slip of love wish in this tiny bottles. It hangs on this board located at the side wall of the small temple.

This huge drum mounted atop of the temple hall is out-of-reach to anyone. The worshiping troops use it for ceremonial rituals and festive seasons. The stick is handled mechanically.

You would be amazed to see such a humongous size actually comes from East Asia. Not the one in Guinness World’s Records, yet, still big enough to fill your sight with awe.

Along the way to Yue Lao temple, you will see this legendary bladed-weapon erected majestically in the courtyard.

This is the replica of the Green Dragon Crescent Blade use by the deity Guan-Gong.

The weapon is so tall that you couldn’t reach the tip of the blade, and so heavy no ordinary people could carry it.