Gift-giving, Important Culture in Taiwan

Gift-giving is an important culture in Taiwan. It’s actually good for building relationship with business partners or showing respect when visiting the elders or superiors.

It is also a good practice for demonstrating commitment, courtesy and enthusiasm to build a better relationship. Generally, a gift to someone is a gesture of goodwill.

Below are some of the gift stores that have English menu when purchasing.

  1. Yanshui Town Rice Dumplings, (鹽水肉粽)

    Location: No. 104, Chaoqin Road, Yanshui District, Tainan.
    Tel: 06 653 0285

  2. Jin Fu A Mei Peanut Brittle (進福阿梅大灣名產花生糖)

    Location: No. 393, Minquan Road, Yongkang District, Tainan.
    Tel: 06 271 5969

  3. ShowDou Organic˙Germination˙Sprouted Soy Milk

    Location: Fu Hua Wu Street Corner, No. 24, Yongkang District, Tainan
    Tel: 0926 722 988

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Wan Wei Xiang Soy Sauce, Traditionally Homemade

Wan Wei Xiang Soy Sauce (萬味香醬園門市部) is a Taiwanese brand with traditionally homemade recipe, including making of koji culturing, fermenting the brine and refining the products.

Product range, Wan Wei Xiang Soy Sauce (萬味香醬園門市部)
Product range, Wan Wei Xiang Soy Sauce (萬味香醬園門市部)

Traditional soy sauces takes tedious process and months to produce. The making of this product by Taiwanese is know for using a variant black beans.

Lots of patience required when cultured black beans are soak in large earthen jars or urns for wet fermentation.

Taking 6 months for high standard and 12 months to produce premium quality soy sauce.

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Jhonglun Motorcycle Shop Lady Boss Speaks English

Jhonglun Motorcycle Shop (忠輪機車行) in Yongkang District, Tainan, is located in close proximity to Tainan University of Technology (台南應用 科技大學)

So near that it’s only within walking distant of 400m from the main entrance gate of Tainan University of Technology. I would recommend this shop to any of the foreign students getting a motorcycle service or buying new ones.

Sharing below my thoughts on a visit to Jhonglun Motorcycle Shop (忠輪機車行).

At 10 a.m., I arrived Jhonglun Motorcycle Shop. The storefront was spacious, brightly lit and has an acceptable liking to my preference of an ideal mechanical shops.

Somehow, it’s better than other shops which are usually a storefront, one main entrance and florescent lights lit on to brighten the workshops and small office space inside.

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