First Time Traveling to Tainan City

Last updated on August 24th, 2013 at 02:45 pm

It was my first time traveling to Tainan City from Taipei Train Station.

Dated 19th December 2011.

Boarded a train owned by local company Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA)

“T.C. Ltd Exp” officially abbreviates Tzu-Chiang Limited Express.

Alternate spelling, ‘Tze-Chiang’ and ‘Tsu-Chiang’, refer to the same locomotives company.

Tzu-Chiang Trains are the highest category out of the 5 classes operated by TRA.

The time left Taipei was 7am morning, arrived Tainan at 11.13 am.

Slightly more than 4 hours of leisure ride.

The view through out the journey was scenic and unforgettable.

Taiwan Train Ticket, Taipei to Tainan
Taiwan Train Ticket, Taipei to Tainan

Found this snapshot while doing ‘housekeeping’ for my hard-disk folders.