In Unifying Spirit, Flash Mob Chorus, Taiwan

Last updated on August 24th, 2013 at 02:44 pm

Naming the online video as “Flash Mob Chorus in Taipei 101, Taiwan“. Two weeks ago, this happened in the landmark building of Taipei city.Flash Mob Chorus in Taipei 101, Taiwan, YouTube

An open musical performance with direct translate from Chinese words, 驚喜合唱 101, as Surprise Chorus 101.

It has already garnered over a million views globally, virally.

All the more in a unifying spirit, with late news continues to web-syndicate online, spurring the hearts of many Taiwanese in a harmonious accord.

So I thought it might be good to join in socially and resonate the news written in a melodious prose.

Performed not in a grand concert hall, but within a mere public food-court; clean and air-conditioned arena serving many popular local cuisines.

Clinks and clanks of the culinary utensils were the sounds from every gourmet indulgence therein, and least coincidentally, would one expect the sweet soundings of a songbird to brighten up the food court with a beautiful tune to their very ears.

Out of nowhere within the premise, a feminine dolce vocal sounded and gently broke the timbre of the disorderly chin music from dinning atmosphere.

Trying to spot her, searching far, and there she was. Beautiful and slim-looking, fashion in her International Klein blue satin dress.

As she sang gently, curious diners started to look up and stretch tall, like sprouting beans of ascending crochet notes, trying to get a glimpse of what’s happening.

Children started getting more excited than having sweet quivering mango pudding on their table.

Adults reacted with a ritenuto tempo, thinking if it was a recorded audio airing from the loudspeakers on mundane hour.

Slowly, but surely; sea of people, diners on their food-filled table or in the midst of long food queue, were immensely enticed by the familiar tune like folk songs from Catalonia.

Flash Mob Chorus in Taipei 101, TaiwanThen another young man with a brilliant tenor voice appeared from the opposite end started singing.

Making the duo to tango in the surrounding crowd, as if Romeo meets Julie performing in Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

And more individual vocals joined in volunteering to strike the same chord to the public listeners.

At later part, the audience also joined in to sing, not too prominently, but expressing in joyous mood, singing in a soft, shy, pleasant, congregating voices.

It was an unexpected and uninformed flash mob chorus in the public, performed in a unanimous manner.

Though not so grand with having high stage, flashing spotlights or prom-queen fashions, it simply went as casual and liberal as one is free to express to hit the right note.

This heart warming flash mob chorus performance is the first video produced by FMCtaiwan, (abbrev. Flash Mob Chorus, Taiwan).

From YouTube profile, it says “the motivation of this event is to show the beauty of Taiwan, its songs, places, and people, to the world.”

Describing the group as “Music-loving group of volunteers, flash performed beautiful songs of Taiwan and China, hoping to introduce the beauty of Taiwan with the world.”

Volunteering singers and musical instrumentalists performed with popular Taiwanese and Chinese songs in Taiwan. Those songs are the unforgettable old favorites.

And indeed, there have done it so overwhelmingly.

I certainly hope there will be in Tainan city one day, to perform another impromptu Flash Mob Chorus, Taiwan.

Below sharing the Youtube video (with English Subtitles) and some amazing shots of Taipei 101.

Photo Credit:, Instagram member: kevinwu
Photo Credit:, Instagram member: kevinwu
Photo Credit:, Instagram member: onetwojay
Photo Credit:, Instagram member: onetwojay

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Photo Credit:, Instagram member: sadfishy
Photo Credit:, Instagram member: sadfishy
Photo Credit:, Instagram member: Redflamy
Photo Credit:, Instagram member: Redflamy

This post is intended to portray the diverse society of the social and heartfelt warmness of Taiwanese as an entity, albeit the written-content and photos might look like promoting Taipei 101.