Largest International Orchid Show in Taiwan 2017

Taiwan International Orchid Show 2017

The largest international Orchid Show in Taiwan and it going to be held in Tainan City. Taiwan International Orchid Show 2017 is an annual event. This year happens in the month of March, 4th to 13th,  2017.

Why this is the largest Orchid Show in Taiwan?

First off, it’s an international event in Taiwan. The annual event simply gets larger each and every year happening in Tainan, Houbi District.

Many species of Phalaenopsis or moth orchid will be showcased, that includes natural and intergeneric hybrids.

The event spans an floor area of 4 different exhibition halls to delight every visitors with the ever-beauty of Orchidaceae.

This year the theme is “Discover Sustainable Orchids”.  Exhibition highlights include ecology, technology, life and exploration.

In southern Taiwan, Tainan has been the chosen city to host the annual event.

Tainan city is not just the ideal environment to produce these elegant flowers, but also the key position in the global floral market.

Taiwan International Orchid Show 2017
Taiwan International Orchid Show 2017
How to travel to Taiwan International Orchid Show in Houbi District?

Houbi District is located in the remote and rural area of Tainan, however, going there is easy.

No stress! Below sharing the easiest and most economical way.

  1. Take the railway train and alight at Xinying station in Tainan City.
  2. Exit from the gantry and walk out of the station. Cross the road to Terminal Station
  3. Board the Yellow Line bus. It travels directly to the exhibition.
  4. Information on bus schedules on notice board near the bus stop.

Taiwan International Orchid Show is being held March 4th – 13, 2017 at the Taiwan Orchid Plantation, No. 325 Wushulin, Wushu Village, Houbi District Tainan City, Taiwan. Source:

Tainan Vacation Travel Guide

Venture to Tainan and explore Taiwan’s oldest city. Known as “The Birthplace of Taiwan,” Tainan invites you to gain an appreciation for the local history.

First, visit the historic quarter of Anping to see the remnants of a merchant house held together by banyan roots, and then check out Chihkan Tower and discover the city’s most important artifacts.

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It is also a good practice for demonstrating commitment, courtesy and enthusiasm to build a better relationship. Generally, a gift to someone is a gesture of goodwill.

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