Over 300 years old Banyan Tree in Houjia District

Over 300 years old Banyan Tree in Houjia District.
Old Banyan Tree, Tainan.jpg

701, Tainan City, East District, 台南市東區建東街

Wan Wei Xiang Soy Sauce, Traditionally Homemade

Wan Wei Xiang Soy Sauce (萬味香醬園門市部) is a Taiwanese brand with traditionally homemade recipe, including making of koji culturing, fermenting the brine and refining the products.

Product range, Wan Wei Xiang Soy Sauce (萬味香醬園門市部)

Traditional soy sauces takes tedious process and months to produce. The making of this product by Taiwanese is know for using a variant black beans.

Lots of patience required when cultured black beans are soak in large earthen jars or urns for wet fermentation.

Taking 6 months for high standard and 12 months to produce premium quality soy sauce.

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Oyster Farming in Tainan


Oyster farming has been part of the early life settlement in Tainan city.

This shot was taken from YuGuang Bridge (漁光橋) in Anping district.

Therein, this shot, is facing west where the evening sun sets gently and rises brightly to the other hemisphere of planet Earth.

It never fails to greet ‘Good Morning’ to the Western countries.

YuGuang Bridge connects to a reclaimed islet with fine sands beach and huge waves.

Mobile photograph edited with VSCOfilm00 Kodak Gold 100.