Long Queue at Qui’s Squid Vermicelli Soup

Traditional Squid Vermicelli Soup, Guohua Street Tainan

Last updated on September 28th, 2017 at 11:05 pm

At any rate, do expect a long Queue at Qui’s Squid Vermicelli Soup.

Located at Section 3, Guohua Street, West-Central District, Tainan City.

This is an old food stall owned by Qui family. Nothing more than selling squid vermicelli soup.

There’s no deep fried like the calamari, but squid cut into rings cooked with light broth.

It used to be a popular breakfast.

The traditional cuisine gets so popular that the business shouldn’t say no to extend till late afternoon.

Long queue even at 2pm. Would suggest weekdays 3pm as snacks.

Preferably not an ideal meal during lunch hour.

Small business bowl per order. One would likely crave for more.

Not seeing any foreigners making the order because it’s a popular local traditional cuisine. Continue reading “Long Queue at Qui’s Squid Vermicelli Soup”

Skywell of Chinese Temple

Skywell in Chinese Temple, DaTianHouGong, Tainan, 大天后宮

This skywell of a Chinese temple is taken from Tainan DaTianHouGong (台南天后宮)

Skywell is located at the in-between interior region of a Chinese temple.

Just like windows on the wall, this opening allows daylight from above to send forth into the interior of the buildings.

In Chinese temple of southern Fujian architectural design, there are no windows on all the side-walls.

Design layout of Chinese temple usually built in sections or halls.

The main hall, altar bay, middle hall and rear hall. Including the side sections, like lecture hall, monk’s dormitory, kitchens.

The centre rows of halls, each, having different deities for worshipping and has skywells of different sizes.

That makes all the walls like boundaries with walk-through doors within the premises.

Unlike buildings with full coverage of roofing, these skywells don’t stop the rain from pouring down.

In this image, skywell is able to capture within the frame because it’s smaller in size.

The intricate silhouettes of terracotta tiles and articulated roof corners with dragon sculpture fountain are shown in this image.