TaiCheng Fruit Shop Probably The Best in Taiwan

Last updated on October 14th, 2017 at 03:37 pm

TaiCheng Fruit Shop (泰成水果店) is not any ordinary fruits stall selling simple drupe like apple, orange or pear from supermarket.

This particular fruit shop, located in the heart of Tainan City, is best known for selling wide variety of tropical fruits. The freshness of products is the utmost priority in rendering their service to dining customers.

What other fruits do there sell beside apples and pears?

It’s interesting to ask, including myself who also queried with further curiosity.

Does other fruits stall in Tainan City don’t sell fruits as equally fresh as their’s?

TaiCheng Fruit Shop was established since 1935, which Taiwan is still under Japanese colonial occupation. It is considered a successful family-owned business for continuous three generations in history.

Because of their long establishment of  business with customers, the pursuit of trusted service has gradually gained through word of mouth by customers from different towns and beyond counties.

Every mouth-watering fresh fruits are carefully selected by the boss himself, dedicating his time to decades-long business by not disappointing customers with poorly graded ones.

In their fan page, I found a Chinese tagline like a mission statement succinctly characterized with strong commitment.  The translation of “選最好的貨~做最好的事” goes like this:-

Choose the best fruits; Render the best service.

Unlike other typical fruit shop, TaiCheng Fruit Shop has achieved its highest expectation and creativity in every delectable fruit cuisines.

Business is exceptionally good during the sizzling heat of hot summer. Customers queuing up for empty seats to dine in.

Taiwan is a treasure island of fruit paradise.

Variety of deciduous fruits are seasonal from Spring to Summer including popular Taiwan mangoes, pineapples, plum, love apples, and locally grown kiwifruits.

All year-round produces from pink guavas to luscious taste of papayas, and from nutritious bananas rich in potassium to avocado with high magnesium.

Exotics fruits like loquat, lychees, custard apple, mulberries, and fresh tomatoes that are surprisingly huge like size of a tennis ball.

Others mouth-watering fruits with strawberries, soursop, honeydew, dragonfruit, love apple, watermelons, and peaches are commonly found in Taiwan.

And the list goes on and on with wholeness of healthy benefits in fruit paradise.

High chances of the shop will have the tropical fruits if you name it randomly.

Below showing some photos I have taken during my recent visit to TaiCheng Fruit Shop, No 80 ZhengXing Street (泰成水果店, 台南市正興街80號).