Tainan Bus, No. 88 & No. 99, AnPing Old Street

Last updated on August 24th, 2013 at 03:21 pm

The 2-days of weekend morning was slow and coming. Any hours before 10 AM will be too cold for my daily run.

By the time I finished my fitness run and late lunch, it was already 2 o’clock in the breezy afternoon. I wasn’t rushing for things to happen, albeit having some traveling plan to make.

Merely less than 4 hours of day-time, one might think it is not enough to travel out and explore places. However, this is not true if you are traveling in Tainan City.

Mentioning about travel, it reminds me of India’s traveling advertisement of Incredible India. That brings me to connote with an adjective for Formosa’s Travel as Magnificent Taiwan.

Well, sounds good to match with; Magnificent Taiwan.

Tainan City Bus 88 Bus 99, Taiwan
Inside view of Tainan City Bus 88 or Bus 99

Okay, continue to where I have stopped.

Despite only 4 hours in late afternoon, I still proceed with plan.

Better be late than never travel.

To my surprise, my trips reap a bundle full of great sightseeing around and in one of the popular tourist towns of Tainan.

I began my short trips on a bus-ride around Tainan City. It was an easy and relaxing bus ride provided by Tainan City Bus Service.

For sightseeing Tainan City, you have to take either one of  this 2 bus services, namely, Bus No. 88 and Bus No. 99.

The only ultra-affordable bus fare you have to pay per trip is NT$18 (US$0.60). You will get comfortable sits and air-conditioned, clean city bus.

Be it on the next immediate stop you are alighting or the entire relaxing bus trip of terminal-to-terminal, you still pay NT$18.

No free-ride and never try to hitchhike your ride for Tainan City bus. There are designated bus stops to alight and board.

In addition, there is no distance too far, which best-fit for short trip to the historical old town of AnPing in Tainan. The local people refer this tourist town as AnPing Old Street or “安平老街” (An-Ping-Lao-Jie).

My 2-hours street-walk in AnPing Old Street was awed by the ancient Chinese culture, ranging from tantalizing snacks to interesting handicrafts, and ancient temples to old shop houses.

AnPing Old Street is totally epic!

The trip to AnPing Old Street is not as difficult, as any foreign traveler might have thought.

There are other local buses, however, Bus No. 88 and Bus No. 99 is the better choice for tourist (and backpackers). Not only it travels to AnPing Old Street, the bus route also covered literally every part of must-see places in Tainan City.

For next upcoming posts, I hope to share more detail on the route of Bus No. 88 and Bus No. 99.