Wan Wei Xiang Soy Sauce, Traditionally Homemade

Last updated on September 24th, 2017 at 04:55 pm

Wan Wei Xiang Soy Sauce (萬味香醬園門市部) is a Taiwanese brand with traditionally homemade recipe, including making of koji culturing, brine fermentation and refining the products.

Product range from Wan Wei Xiang Soy Sauce (萬味香醬園門市部) is a healthy choice.

Traditional soy sauces takes tedious process and months to produce. The making of this product by Taiwanese is know for using a variant black beans.

It takes several months when cultured black beans are soaked in large earthen jars or urns for wet fermentation.

Taking 6 months for high standard and 12 months to produce premium quality soy sauce.

The visit to the shop and factory was an educational one. I have tasted some of product and truly recommend this brand to anyone.

The ones with white label are pricier yet worth the buy for its original smoothing taste of light soy sauce.

To the factory, I was amazed by the large earthen jars basking under the scotching sun from Tainan city.

There are huge, heavy, and very weather-resistant. Just imagine these urns are in situ for 12 months.

Also have a good chance to see the process of culturing the black beans. Temperature inside the chamber is regulated, plus sufficient ventilation to allow live growth of fungus (koji-making).

Every single black beans is covered by green spores or mold. There have a furry touch when feel it with fingers. When this spores are removed, the black beans become visibly clear.

Below sharing a gallery of images from my recent trip.

Location: No. 58, Jingliao, Houbi Dist., Tainan City

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