Zombie Run 2013 Comes to Taipei on 2nd Nov 2013

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Zombie Run 2013 comes to Taipei on 2nd November 2013. First-ever major fun run to be held during the Halloween week at Dajia Riverside Park in Taipei City.

Distance: an easy 5 Kilometers lasting for 30 minutes with multiple groups running.

Unlike other outdoor events, such as the environmental-unfriendly, corn-starched, flour-throwing “Color Run”, this Zombie Run 2013 has prizes to win!

This is awesomely noteworthy for registered participants who deserve the winning rewards.

Prizes ranging from Samsung Galaxy phones to Sketchers shoes and apparel spot prizes. Also every registered participants gets a T-shirt printed with “I Survived the Zombie Run“. Adding on to those who made through the run will get “Survivor” certificate or “Infected” certificate.

What a brilliant idea for every participants to endear!

Fear not for clouding your mind with horrid nightmares as Zombie Run 2013 is well-organized in the cool afternoon with broad daylight. Time from 2pm to 6pm.

As for the running route, not only fun-filled and challenging, but also thrilled with haunting suspense and spine tinkling sensations.

You have a choice to register as participant for Runner or Zombie.

  1. Be an energetic Runner, adding your fashion with cute touch of sporty outfits and pair of trendy trainers. Looking macho or pretty, you are there with a heart of enthusiasm, liveliness, spontaneous and exciting feelings.
  2. Or, you can join in as a haunting Zombie like decomposed “Rot and Ruin” of the walking dead, costume with horrifying blood-stained outfits. Bloody nurse, pajamas child, ghoul scout, or mummified corpse with inhuman groaning who chase after all form of life, be it human or squirrel (!)

All as you like to be, taking up the highly-spirited event happening at the Dajia Riverside Park.

In this event of Zombie Run Taipei 2013, it has a different purpose from those traditional race.

You are not in a competition to see who crosses the finishing line first. This is the not the main idea behind the major event. Timing matters is secondary.

As I have asked some simple questions to the organizer for mission or objectives for social community, below is one of her quick and direct response.

“(to) inject excitement into running: make running and being healthy much more fun. People are a little bored of the same running year after year. This is also to encourage new people to a run, because it has a large social aspect to it.”
– Ashley, event organizer from WorldShare (Taiwan)

I’m totally speechless after reading her reply like a declared statement with an unquestionable affirmation. In short, I’m spurred to jolly-well penned this event in my blog  for our cordially social interest at large.

The golden rules for participants have spelled out clearly, stressing on the safety aspects of this Zombie Run Taipei 2013.

(Runners) cannot attack, hit or harm the Zombies.

While getting the intensified excitement and thrill, you are also totally defenseless and to run for your life!

As for Zombie,

… cannot attack, harm, touch, push, or hit Runners.

Zombies are getting the all-power to bring you down by taking away something, a flag, I supposed.

Generally, no rough play like the famous fiesta of Pamplona Bull Chase happening in Spain.

This run do have some physical obstacles to clear. Should be something easy like jumping over a rope or hula looping.

If you have more ideas, you might want to suggest obstacle, such as apex ladder, low-wall climbing, dodging lateral panels, tunnel crawling, stepping stones, balancing bridge, window climbing. corridor ducking, terrain ditching.

Perhaps, some leopard crawl under barbed wire?

Seriously, that would be triply intimidating for a fun run like Zombie Run Taipei 2013.

Rest-assured, there are not going that far with military style for combating in a war fair.

Safety comes first. For goodness’ sake to the social community.

After all, it’s Halloween Week to have fun in the Sun.

Talk less. Action speak louder than words.

Go. Go. Go(!) Don’t miss the chance!

Start getting your surge of adrenaline pumping with thrill and suspense shivering down your spine.

Tickets available from Fri 6th Sept 2013, 2pm.

Zombie Run Taipei 2013
Zombie Run Taipei 2013
Zombie Run 2013
Zombie Run 2013
Zombie Run Taipei, Tip 2
Zombie Run Taipei, Tip 2
Zombie Run Taipei, Tip 1
Zombie Run Taipei, Tip 1
Zombie Run Taiwan 2013
Zombie Run Taiwan 2013
Zombie Run Taiwan 2013, Ticketing
Zombie Run Taiwan 2013, Ticketing

All Images courtesy of event organizer: Worldshare (Taiwan).
This is not a sponsored post. There is no commercial transaction involved.
Date of First Event: 26th October 2013, Saturday (Inaugural Run)
Location: Huazhong Riverside Park, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan
For more details and inquiries in English, please visit http://www.zombierun.com.tw/english/